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One Day of the Civil War: April 10, 1863: America In Conflict

One Day of the Civil War describes the events of April 10, 1863, a typical day virtually at the midpoint of the American Civil War.  The author has drawn upon years of research among photo and document archives nationwide, and upon his intimate knowledge of the battle sites, to offer this novel perspective on the most profound experience of American history.


The Lightning Mule Brigade: Abel Streight's 1863 Raid Into Alabama

Colonel Abel Streight, hotly pursued by Nathan Bedford Forrest, pushed his command's tired mules and men towards the railroad near Rome, Georgia, in a daring, dangerous, and sometimes comedic Civil War raid in 1863.  The Lightning Mule Brigade details the 

story of that raid.


Russian Sideshow: America's Undeclared War

In July 1918, President Woodrow Wilson deployed US troops to join other Allied forces in civil war-ravaged Russia.  Russian Sideshow is the first book to describe in detail the experiences of the American doughboys who fought in this tragically misguided, little-known campaign.


An Airline At War: Pan Am's China National Aviation Corporation and Its Men

Through the exploits of the pilots who shared a rare and heroic bond, An Airline At War sheds light on the extraordinary story of the U.S. and China during the years leading up to, and including, World War II.  


The Hunt for Jimmie Browne: An MIA Pilot in World War II China

A personal mission for many years, The Hunt for Jimmie Browne is Willett's riveting account of the search for his cousin, Jimmie Browne, lost in "The Hump" in 1941.  


Wandering the World Doing Good: A Senior Volunteer Saves the World

What does a banker do when he retires?  If he's Robert Willett, he sets out on a series of volunteer missions all over the world, using his 40 years of banking expertise to assist emerging nations.  This engaging account proves there is life after retirement.